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Newly released in August 2019, Journey Maker is an album of vibrant, heartfelt songs detailing Eilidh’s spiritual journey after coming through a difficult time. “Realising that it’s OK to be broken was the first step in my recovery. I can’t wait to see how these songs will connect with people on their own journeys."  Featuring Eilidh's musician friends from Scotland and USA, Eilidh’s honest songwriting and crystal clear vocals form the backbone of this truly inspirational record.

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Released in summer 2018, this new collection features Eilidh’s signature pure vocals and songs that cut straight to the heart.  Recorded in Glasgow at the Foundry Music Lab with renowned producer Sandy Jones and featuring several of Eilidh’s musician friends from NI, Scotland and Nashville TN (including Ruth Trimble, Cup O' Joe, Yvonne Lyon and Ron Block) Sunshine pulses with positivity and showcases Eilidh's recent growth in development as a writer, singer, musician and co-producer.

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Released on 1st Dec 2015, Grown-ups Need Lullabies Too is a 6-track EP of beautiful, comforting songs that will capture the hearts and minds of grown-ups everywhere.  Eilidh recorded the guitar/vocals simultaneously - a new approach for her which gives the EP a 'live' feel.  Engineered and mixed by Paul Casey at Cable Junction in Derry, NI.

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Recorded in 2011 in Nashville TN with producer Lee Holland, This Is Now seamlessly blends folk, bluegrass and pop with Eilidh's crystalline vocal remaining the focus throughout.  Guest appearances by Ron Block (AKUS) and Tim O'Brien feature.


Released in 2009, When The Time Comes is Eilidh's first collection of songs written over a period of 7 years.  Sensitively recorded and produced by Alastair McMillan (U2, Van Morrison) at Amberville Studio, N. Ireland.

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