1. Broken

From the recording Journey Maker

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Musician credits:
Guitar & vocals, background vocals - Eilidh Patterson
Piano, hammond organ - Tommy Chambers
Bass, electric guitar, drum programming - Sandy Jones



I’ve seen hard times and you have too
But you won’t tell me and I don’t tell you
Lately I’ve been thinking of telling the truth
‘Cos this heart is about to break
There’s only so much I can take

Maybe it’s ok to be broken
Maybe it’s alright if I break down and cry
I’m tired of all the times I’ve convincingly spoken
Sayin’ I’m doing fine (I’m doing fine)
But maybe it’s ok to be broken

So I confess that I’ve been afraid
And it’s been so long since I have prayed
No, I don’t remember when I started losing my way
But I fell and the ground was cold
And now I need someone’s hand to hold


‘Cos when the heart tears into a thousand shreds
And it feels like you’ve been left for dead
In the place where you are wounded and sore
When it heals you’ll be much stronger than before, so


Music and lyrics by Eilidh Patterson.