1. Your Love

From the recording Journey Maker

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Musician credits:
Guitar & vocals - Eilidh Patterson
Violin - Seonaid Aitken
Cello - Karen Porter



Something like a melody ringing clear and true to me
Something like a lullaby sung deep and low at night
Your love is a miracle shining light into my soul
There’s nowhere on earth I know where I can’t feel Your love

When the way is cold and dark and sorrow fills my anxious heart
Nothing can keep us apart and I still feel Your love
This is love here’s what I’ve found, it’s where peace and joy abound
When I sit still and don’t make a sound, that’s where I find Your love

Something like the wind and sea soothing the small child in me
Something like a hurricane that takes my breath away
Love is patient, love is kind, love sets all my faults aside
And in my heart Love can abide, that’s where I find Your love
Yes in my heart Love abides, that’s where I find Your love.