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Musician credits:
Guitar & vocals - Eilidh Patterson
Drum & string programming - Sandy Jones


In Your Loving Kindness

I thought that I knew You
But I could never get too close
Too many weeds were choking up my path
I gave my heart to You
But to many other things as well
And the love spread out so thin it couldn’t last

Then pain began its knocking
On the door of my heart
And I heard Your voice much louder than before
Right then I knew You wanted me
The whole, not just a part
And I prayed “Lord Jesus, break me ‘til I’m Yours”

And in Your loving kindness
You foresaw what I would need
You sent the only trial that would bring me to my knees
And I knew there in my weakness
That You loved me all along
And now there is a bond between us that is strong

I’m still getting to know You
It’s an hourly, daily thing
But trust is there where fear used to reside
I know where I belong now
My allegiance is to You
And You’ll be my Friend thru every storm of life


Words and music by Eilidh Patterson.