From the recording Safe Place

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(words and music by Eilidh Patterson)

I am not a robot
But it’s how I used to feel
Going through the motions
Of a life I thought was real
Used to all I’d heard before
Never thought there could be more
‘Til You opened up my eyes
Causing me to see

The tin man couldn’t live without a heart
And from You I just cannot live apart
I can’t stand the separation, it’s not how we’re meant to be
You made me a new creation, gave me everything I need
You’re the Captain of this crewman
And I’m becoming fully human

So many years I’ve wasted
Trying to be good
Bending over backwards
Doing what I thought I should
I didn’t understand the Cross
What was won and what was lost
Didn’t realise how much on
Shaky ground I stood


I am not a robot
I am not a robot
I am not a robot
I am not a robot