From the recording Safe Place

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(words and music by Eilidh Patterson)

Boundaries and borders locked me in a cage
Shutting out the love inside and out
This house of bricks and mortar was holding off the rain
But I didn’t know what living was about

Life spills out
It refuses to be tidied up and stowed away
Life spills out
You can’t keep it down, lock it up or throw it away
I've tried to live my life in black and white
But the colours keep on seeping right through
I’ve tried to escape from this kaleidoscope
But there’s nothing that I can do
Life spills out

Fear and inhibitions keep us apart
Making us think that we’re better off
Living like we’re strangers to each others’ hearts
Well I’m sick and tired of acting so tough


Love isn’t love, if there isn’t life
Life isn’t life, if there is no love
Love is a choice and life is a gift
You gotta choose if you wanna live


I wanna live, do you wanna live?
I wanna live, do you wanna live?
I wanna live, I choose to live
I wanna live, do you wanna live?