From the recording Safe Place

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(words and music by Eilidh Patterson)

To love is to give, to die is to live
To let go is the way to move on
Sometimes the shortest way to the heights
Is the path that seems lonely and long
Sometimes God sends a prison
When you’ve prayed so long to be free
But there in that place you’ll find that His grace
Is sufficient for every need

Whoever heard of a fight being won by surrendering down on your knees?
Who would’ve thought that the way to be strong is acknowledging weakness and need?
What about earning all that is good to be told you just have to receive?
This is the upside down kingdom of God and how Jesus is saving me

We make our plans, think we’ll give God a hand
In the hard task of leading us through
He patiently waits ‘til things fall apart
And we cry out “Lord, what will we do?”
His answer comes just when we need it
Wrapped up in the gift of His peace
And just like a child, we can laugh, we can smile
‘Cos His presence is all that we need


So I’ll focus my mind on eternal things
Let go of the ways in which this world thinks
Know that my home is in heaven above
Born into the kingdom of love

I’m a new creation with royal blood
The river of Life flows through me like a flood
I’m one with the Spirit, the Father, the Son
Because of what Jesus has done