From the recording Safe Place

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(words and music by Eilidh Patterson)

Look beyond the surface of things
The surface reveals there’s more
There is always something to find
Something behind the door
Oh how I’ve missed the truth a thousand times
With careless use of heart and mind
Didn’t wait to see what I would find
Just blindly stumbled on
I spent my strength like Samson did
Gave away my secrets hid
Didn’t do as I was bid
To watch the road I’m on

The time I’ve spent on foolish things
I’ll never regain it now
But every day’s more precious to me
Making every moment count
For a deeper life is calling me
To see beyond what I can see
To find beauty in the mystery
Of Love and all that means
The way is long, the way is slow
To unlearn all I’ve come to know
That I might bloom, that I might grow
Into the child I’m meant to be

Think upon eternal things
Eternity starts now
Life is more than all we can see
Than what keeps us on the ground
In the deepest part of trusting souls
There’s hidden treasure, pots of gold
It can’t be bought, it can’t be sold
It just takes some time to find
And I am wanting more and more
To seek it out and to explore
This inward journey to the core
To where this treasure shines