1. Run Run Run

From the recording Safe Place

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(words and music by Eilidh Patterson)

I’ve spent many hours searching
Lookin’ for the truth
Thought I’d find it outside myself
But nothin’ came up good
I believed about a Saviour
Who died to make me free
I tried everywhere to find Him
But never thought of me

Until I looked inside my heart
Found Him waiting there

I’m gonna run run run
Into the Son Son Son
Where we are One One One
I’m gonna run

Every day if I’m not careful
Life can pass me by
When I wake up in the morning
There’s a moment to decide
Who I’m gonna lend my ears to
Who I will believe
One who always tells the truth
Or one who will deceive

It’s such a simple choice to make
How will I choose today?


Knowing I’m in union with the One who saved my life
Fear gives way to love and joy and peace in Jesus Christ


I’m gonna run
I’m gonna run