Eilidh (pronounced I-Lee) is a warm, engaging performer of startling clarity.  With songs that cut straight to the heart, delightfully accurate guitar playing and crystal clear vocals, Eilidh immediately connects with audiences everywhere.  In recent years, she has performed in the States, the UK and in Europe.  Eilidh's relaxed stage presence invites the listener to sit back and enjoy her unique take on life and love.  She has just released a song she was commissioned to write, The Derry Walls, and is set to release a new album later this summer.

The Derry Walls - new single released May 2019!

Eilidh has released a new single - The Derry Walls - available to download via the CDBaby link below and all the usual digital outlets.

Featuring musicians from Scotland (Tommy Chambers, Sandy Jones, Seonaid Aitken) and the USA (Ron Block) The Derry Walls was recorded at The Foundry Music Lab by Sandy Jones. 




Read Eilidh's description below of how the song came about:

"For the past couple of years, the Ulster Architectural Heritage Society has hosted the Heritage Angel Awards ceremony which celebrates those who have successfully carried out restoration work on historic buildings across NI, with a particular focus on the city in which the event is being held.  NI singer songwriter Brigid O’Neill has brought a musical element to the Awards ceremony by curating the Heritage in Song project.

In 2018, the Guildhall in Derry/Londonderry was chosen as the venue for the event and, being a local songwriter, I was approached by Brigid to write a song about an iconic building in the city.  I immediately thought of the 17th Century Walls surrounding the inner city and their unique attraction for tourists from all over the world.

Despite living in the city for most of my life I am ashamed to say my intimate knowledge of the history of the Walls was sketchy to say the least!  So to help me with my research, I enlisted the help of Mary Kerrigan, a local tour guide and architect, to talk me through the history and architecture of the Walls.  This proved invaluable and it started the creative wheels turning in my mind as to the direction my song would take.

A week later, the song was completed, and it was performed for the first time at the Heritage Angel Awards in the Guildhall on 6th Nov 2018.

I received such a positive response from people after the event that when I was recording my new album in Glasgow a few months later, I decided to record this song as an addition. With a stellar cast of musicians to help me, The Derry Walls has turned out better than I’d hoped!"

Sunshine Reviews

"A very impressive release from the Northern Ireland star....her vocals wrap around you like a blanket in winter...she sounds better than ever." - Maverick Magazine  (Read full review HERE)

"Eilidh shows a real talent for capturing a hook and melody to match her beautiful vocals and engaging words. In the days of singles and radio charts, the title track would have featured as a prime example of how to deliver a hit. This is a very strong comeback statement and one that merits your attention." - Lonesome Highway (Read full review HERE)

“The voice is pure, the vibe is positive and the songs are the strongest she’s ever written. Every tune will put a smile on your face and lift your heart. If you’re looking for a little warmth and happiness come on in. This is the album for you.” - Ralph McLean, BBC Radio Ulster

"Sunshine is absolutely gorgeous!  Eilidh's voice is velvet and the songs are fantastic.  I love it!" - Beth Nielsen Chapman

 SUNSHINE - released summer 2018

Eilidh is delighted to announce the arrival of her new album, Sunshine.  Recorded in Spring 2018 with award-winning engineer Sandy Jones at Foundry Music Lab, Motherwell, Scotland; Eilidh is releasing this new collection of songs 7 years after her last album, This Is Now.  Featuring Eilidh on the ukelele, the title track 'Sunshine' is an upbeat summer anthem already adopted by Derry's BBC Radio Foyle as "the song of the summer".  Other highlights include 'A Good Day' (featuring Cup O' Joe), and a brand new version of 'When I Don't Feel Like Singing Anymore' with Yvonne Lyon on backing vocals and Ron Block on guitar.  A sparkling offering from start to finish, this album showcases Eilidh at her finest as writer, singer and for the first time, co-producer.

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